WTS-LV (Large Volume Pump)

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The Large Volume Water Transfer System (WTS-LV) is a large volume single-event sampler that collects suspended and dissolved particulate samples in situ into a 142mm membrane filter. The WTS-LV allows for a choice of pump size and filter porosity for a range of specimen collection. Collection targets include chlorophyll maximum, particulate trace metals, and phytoplankton.

The WTS-LV dynamic pump speed algorithm adjusts as material accumulates on the filter minimizing risk of a damaged sample and improving battery endurance. The modular filter holder is designed to evenly distribute collected material. A three-tiered filter holder option is also available.

The WTS-LV is available in four different configurations: Standard, Upright, Bore Hole, and Dual Filter Sampler.  A high capacity upright WTS-LV model provides three times the battery life of the standard model. The Bore-Hole WTS-LV is designed to fit through a narrow opening such as a 30cm bore-hole. The WTS-LVDF features two vertical intake 142 mm filter holders to allow simultaneous filtering using two different porosities.



Single event sampler
FILTER HOLDER: Black acetal/142 mm diameter
DEPTH: Maximum depth 5,500m (standard model), 5,000m (upright model)
0° to 35°C

10Ahr battery pack (15,000 liters of seawater)

30Ahr battery pack on upright pump (36,000 liters of sea water)


Flow rate

1 to 4 liters/min 

Max volume 2,500 liters (10Ahr battery)
Filter type Nuclepore or other membrane filters

Flow rate

4 to 8 liters/min

Max volume 5,000 liters (10Ahr battery)
Filter type GFF, QM-A or other membrane filters
Upright only LV30

Flow rate

15 to 30 liters/min

Max volume 12,000 liters (10Ahr battery)
Filter type Large opening mesh filters

For further information, download the WTS-LV Data Sheets or Contact us.


A complete WTS-LV software distribution is available on CD from McLane. The distribution includes the current version of the WTS-LV Firmware, User Manual, and Crosscut communication software. Software downloads provide the most current versions of utilities such as Crosscut. An instructional video on the WTS-LV battery holder is also available.

A list of available pump heads with recommendations based on filter type and flow rate is available for reference.

Quick link to WTS-LV software
Quick link to Pump Head Sizing and Filter Porosity reference
Quick link to Filter Holder Specifications chart

Visit our Library for a complete selection of WTS-LV documentation and other product resources.

McLane offers a hands-on course in WTS-LV operation. WTS-LV owners and prospective owners are invited to spend one day at our facility.

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