McLane Moored Profiler

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    • Profilers
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    • MMP

The McLane Moored Profiler (MMP) autonomously profiles the water column in a time-series along a fixed tether.

Profiling depth, time intervals and pressure stops are user-defined, and profiling patterns can span specific seasons or timeframes. An optional underwater inductive modem provides real-time communication between the MMP and a surface buoy or seabed node.

We offer two MMP models: the standard and extended version.  The extended MMP provides 50% more battery capacity and is 12.7cm longer than the standard MMP.  


DEPTH: 30m to 6000m (mooring dependent) 
TEMPERATURE RATING: Min temperature -20C 
POWER: 11.7V
BATTERY ENDURANCE: Standard MMP: 240Ah battery. Extended MMP: additional 120Ah battery.
Seabird 52MP CTD Seabird Inductive Modem
Teledyne RDI Micro CTD Seapoint Turbidity
Falmouth Scientific Current Meter Aanderaa Optode
Seapoint Fluorometer Nortek Aquadopp II
Biospherical PAR Satlantic SUNA Nitrate
Seabird 43F Dissolved Oxygen Wet Labs ECO and
C-STAR Sensors

ProOceanus Mini-Pro CO2 or CH4

* Other sensors can be integrated depending on sensor size and battery drain

For further information, download the MMP Data Sheet or Contact us.


A complete MMP software distribution is available from McLane. The distribution includes the current version of the MMP Firmware, User Manual, Sensor Manuals, communication software, MMP data processing software, and a ballasting spreadsheet. 

Visit our Library for a complete selection of MMP documentation and other product resources.

McLane offers a hands-on course in Moored Profiler operation. MMP owners and prospective owners are invited to spend one to two days at our facility.

Learn more about Support and hands-on product training.